As a long time user of SLIME I was a bit disappointed to see clojure-mode 2.0 drop support for it in favor of nrepl. I looked into nrepl but found it to be not as feature complete as SLIME, at present. Also, I still work on some sizeable Common Lisp code, which relies entirely on SLIME, and I want to be able leverage any tooling work I do across all my projects – so SLIME wins.

As it turns out, it wasn't at all difficult to resurrect the SLIME integration code from clojure-mode 1.x and load it alongside the newer clojure-mode.

I've committed the clojure-mode-slime.el Emacs Lisp code into the following repo, along with some other Clojure/Emacs hacks:

I hope this is useful to other SLIME die-hards in the Clojure community as well. Feedback and bug reports are most welcome.