I've uploaded a snapshot of fully patched ECL-9.12.3, and Boehm GC sources to help anyone trying to build this environment from scratch. I realize a lot of the external dependencies tend to be in flux, so hopefully this snapshot will provide a fully functional starting point.

The snapshot is available at: http://github.com/kriyative/ecl-iphone-snapshot

The snapshot includes:


The bdwgc/ and ecl/ directories contain the patched sources for Boehm GC, and ECL 9.12.3. The eclshell/ folder has the sources for the sample iPhone app, including a snapshot of slime (CVS head as of 2010-01-29).

The iphone/ folder contains the built product – a set of header and static library files built for the iPhone architecture. The iphone/universal/ folder contains `fat' versions of the libraries which maybe used with either simulator or device builds.

As always, feedback and patches are welcome.

UPDATE: I moved to a github repo for the snapshot as well. It's easier this way to track any patches that may arise.