my other lisp blog

I haven't been working in Clojure for a couple of months now, hence the absence of new posts here.

However, I have been posting some updates on my other Lisp related blog (yes, I have two Lisp blogs :) … about my work in porting the Embedded Common Lisp system to the iPhone. Sound interesting, check it out at:

ECL on iPhone update

I've just checked in a significant set of changes to the ecl-iphone-builder repository, incuding the following updates:

  • builds with ECL 9.12.3
  • requires the CVS head version of the Boehm Weiss collector
  • smoother build process (should "just work")
  • better SLIME integration (with :spawn communication style as the default)
  • expanded `eclshell' example (more goodies to follow)

As always feedback and bug reports are appreciated.